Power Sports Sponsorship Management

Sports clubs are always on the lookout for sponsors to help them fund their operations and competition will continue to be fierce in 2023, Managing sponsorships is not a straightforward task, and sports clubs often face ongoing challenges from business development to generating sponsorship sales and pipeline from one season to the next.  As a technology consultancy in the sector, we understand these pain points can vary depending on the size of the sports club and the number of sponsors they have.   Some additional issues we see emerging amongst our customers include the ability to capture data, review metrics and report on it. This was the case for Scottish-based hockey club Glasgow Clan, who needed the teams’ help to set up processes and a system to streamline the way they ran their hockey operations. Without having the technical skills in-house, they looked to Proximo 3 to design and build a sponsorship management system ahead of the season.

“Proximo 3 have given invaluable advice when needed and also created bespoke systems that have streamlined the way we operate” – Gerry McLaughlin, Commercial Director, Glasgow Clan

That’s where Power Sports Sponsorship Management was introduced, we’ll take a closer look as to why this is the case.

Power Sports Sponsorship management allows sports clubs to create, store, and track sponsorship opportunities per season digitally, making managing multiple sponsorships and their performance easy.  The application is an add-on to your existing Microsoft Office licence and designed to be used by Sales (and Sponsorship) Managers or Business Development Managers of any sports club. The platform provides a seamless user experience for your team to drive sponsorship sales, track day-to-day activities, generate agreements, and convert opportunities into sponsors.

Managing sponsorships is a complex and time-consuming task for sports clubs and their teams. However, with Power Sports Sponsorship Management, these challenges are easily solved. The platform provides a centralised system for managing contracts, day-to-day activities, and sponsorship sales. By using this solution, sports clubs can save time and effort while maximising the value of their sponsorships.

If you’re a sports club struggling with managing sponsorships, consider implementing Power Sports Sponsorship Management. By doing so, you’ll be able to streamline your sponsorship management process and focus on what matters most – winning games and delivering value to your sponsors. To learn more about Power Sports Sponsorship Management, click here.