Power Sports Sponsorship Management

Drive forward sponsorship sales, daily activities, and sponsorship agreements with Power Sports Sponsorship Management.

Does your organisation have difficulty managing contracts, tracking performance, and ensuring that sponsors receive adequate exposure?

If so, do the following challenges sound familiar?

  • Your organisation finds it difficult to managing multiple sponsors, it can be a challenge to keep track of all the contracts and ensure that they are up to date
  • You want to ensure sponsors receive adequate exposure but find it difficult to measure  
  • Your organisation struggles to track the performance and ROI of sponsorship advertising
  • Sponsors expect a return on their investment however, your organisation finds it difficult to monitor and measure the success of their sponsorship deals.

What is Power Sports Sponsorship and how will it benefit my organisation?

Power  Sports Sponsorship is an app that allows sports clubs to manage sponsorship sales and operates as an add-on to an Office license. It is designed to be used by Managers of any sports teams such as football, rugby, netball, ice hockey, and more. The app is priced per club and allows for Sales (and Sponsorship) Managers and Business Development Managers as users.

  • Sales and sponsorship teams can keep track of all sponsorship information and other important details. Without an effective system in place, it can be hard to access this information when it’s needed. This can lead to delays in communication and missed opportunities.
  • All contracts and invoices are now generated in one system and can be worked on by multiple people in the sales team at the same time.
  • The application streamlines the administrative process and provides a secure document management system.
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