Caledonia Gladiators Case Study

Enabling Team Management at Caledonia Gladiators

With more than 40 years of combined industry expertise in Microsoft products, the team at Proximo 3 has worked in the sporting industry previously with clubs in sectors such as football, basketball, netball, ice hockey, golf, and motorsports. Proximo 3 created Power Sports Sponsorship Management and Power Sports Team Management to make an easier and more organised system for sports clubs throughout the industry.

Power Sports Team Management manages and stores information about sports club teams, including driving licenses, birth certificates, passports, and more. The app also tracks how much each player costs the club and tracks the accommodation/property each player is staying in and the cost. Additionally, the app also features a player portal, which can be branded per club, where players can log in and update their personal details..

When the Caledonia Gladiators needed help to implement a new team management system, we knew it was the project for us. Read our case study below to find out how we implemented Power Sports Team Management to allow the club to manage and store key documentation.

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